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You can call me the bus driver because I'm takin everybody to school!



Karou is my dog and she sleeps 80% percent of the day. Yeah she’s abnormally lazy but she love to go for walks. When she’s on a walk she is a whole different dog. She sniffs everything. But that dog has a sad story. She came from puppy mill (a place where people breed dogs for money) that was raided by Cocker Spaniel rescue. they then sent her two a foster home. She had three foster homes before they found us. But she is fine now and loving her coach!



The House of Torment

Well I want to go but I haven’t been. The House of Torment is our local “Haunted House” and it’s supposedly like in the top ten in the nation. I went last year with Kyle and Shaan and it was so fun. People have said that this year it’s even better but some said the opposite so I don’t really know what to expect. I hope it’s fun and that I get to go soon.
Comment on your experience if you have been.


A Basketball Life

In the heat of the game on the court,
Near the three point line towards the bucket,
Between the defenders among the paint,
Beneath the basket before the shot,
Accepting the pass from across the court,
Considering his options according to the distance,
About to dunk over the defender,
And he misses

By Alan and Andrew

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