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Why Airports Are Essential By: Jacob And Andrew

Taking you to an abundance of places far and wide, and providing you comfort that cannot be matched. Wow! Airplanes really are essential!

First off, not only can airplanes take you to far away places, they take you there fast too, real fast. Especially compared to boats and trains for example, if you were to travel by boat to Russia so that you could see the Olympics, it would take weeks-maybe even a month. However if you traveled by plane you would reach Russia in around 12 hours. So not only do airplanes take you to places far away, but they are also the best choice in many ways.

Another reason that makes airplanes essential is the best part of an airplane, the first class seats. First class makes it all the more enjoyable! It’s like a whole other story! First class has great air conditioning, tasty refreshments, comfy chairs, and if you’re lucky complementary warm towelettes. It’s less of an airplane and more of a palace in the sky.

The point is that airplanes are essential. So you don’t have to try everything fun or every refreshment, and it doesn’t matter wether you’re in 1st class or worst class. Airplanes can take you to places far away and can keep you comfortable aswell.

5 Responses to Why Airports Are Essential By: Jacob And Andrew

  1. Eric says:

    Great Job with writing your reasons in expository writing! I didn’t realize how long it would take to get to Russia in a boat, and how fast it would be in a plane

  2. ryanb611 says:

    Wow! You give some good points on why airplanes are essential, and you make me envious because I have never flown first class. I hope to someday!

  3. matthewr656 says:

    Great post, I like how you described first class seating.

  4. ryang728 says:

    I really liked how you gave imagery on getting to Russia and all the examples you gave.

  5. jacobt322 says:

    Great blog you described the 1st class seats very well. You also added lots of detail in your post, again great job

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