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We are Plooters
We dont care
We make messes
We strip forests
Bare of trees
We dump garbage
In the seas

We are Plooters
We enjoy
Finding beauty
To destroy
We intrude
Where creatures thrive
Soon there’s a little
Left alive

Nothings safe
When we’re around
We spew poisons
In the air
We are Plooters
We dont care

By Jack Prelutsky

One Response to Poem

  1. kendallc629 says:

    Hey Andrew!
    Wow, this post is so…brutally honest. It really shows how careless all humans are. This poem doesn’t glorify humanity like a lot of others do. It’s a great poem and I can see why you like it. I read through you blog and I really like it, this post just stuck out. Great job.

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