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Reflection: Seventh Grade

When I first arrived in seventh grade to be so fun and full of social time and friends. Oh my God was I ever wrong. I soon realized that nothing was very fun and most of my old friends had turned into jerks. School consumed my life and the little free time I had there was nothing to do with it. By October my life was pretty boring. School was getting so much harder. Eventually I figured out that school stunk.

In seventh grade I learned to move away from fair-weather friends, hand out with people you, trust, like and enjoy being with. Be careful what you buy in the lunch line, listen and do your work and most of all don’t expect help, attention, or praise from anyone. As this year comes to a close I just want to go back to school and start over. My advice is that most importantly you should be careful who you are friends with because they may change and if they do sooner or later they wont be your friends any more.


NBA News

After racist reamrks caught on tape Los Angeles Clippders owner Donald Sterling has been banned for life from all NBA activities, been fined 2.5 million dollars, and will be forced to sell the team. Adam Silver made the decision before players had the chance to begin boycotting which they said they where about to do. Teams had been taking off warm up jackets in unison at half court and wearing there worm up shirts inside out in protest against these racist remarks.

Head Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers Mike D’Antoni’s contract had not been renewed and because of strong dislike he resigned from his job as Head Couch of the Lakers. Lets hope the Lakers can find a better Caoch to lead them to a better season.

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