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You can call me the bus driver because I'm takin everybody to school!

About Me

I’m 12 years old and I attend middle school in Austin Texas. I enjoy swimming and playing basketball and playing games on my iPad. I have a cocker spaniel named Karou (she’s cute) and she likes the couch too much. Honestly I’m not very intersting but here is 10 cool/funny/weird facts about me.

1. Yup I’m a Star Wars geek. Loved Star Wars since the first time I saw it at a birthday party in like 1st grade.

2. I also enjoy reading manga and watching anime. My favorite series are Naruto and One piece.

3. I also play mine craft. Say what you want to me it’s fun.

4. I love the Westlake football team. I go to every home game.

5. I take Chinese. It’s my favorite subject. Nihao

6. Favorite thing to eat right now would have to be Rudy’s breakfast burritos. They are to die for.

7. I love Pelligrinos. If you don’t know what it is LOOK IT UP.

8. My dad is a chemist but I either want to be an architect or a manga artist.

9. My favorite car is probably Porsche 911 from the eighties.

10. My middle name is Joseph!

So there’s pretty much all about (or at least all I care to share) hope you like it.

So long, the Bus Driver!

2 Responses to About Me

  1. mackenzief389 says:

    I love Star Wars too!!! It’s kinda sad but you know. I didn’t know your middle name was Joseph!

    • andreww612 says:

      Yeah Star Wars is really cool! I cannot wait for the new movie coming out in 2015 and yeah my middle name is pretty cool I think!

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