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NBA News

After racist reamrks caught on tape Los Angeles Clippders owner Donald Sterling has been banned for life from all NBA activities, been fined 2.5 million dollars, and will be forced to sell the team. Adam Silver made the decision before players had the chance to begin boycotting which they said they where about to do. Teams had been taking off warm up jackets in unison at half court and wearing there worm up shirts inside out in protest against these racist remarks.

Head Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers Mike D’Antoni’s contract had not been renewed and because of strong dislike he resigned from his job as Head Couch of the Lakers. Lets hope the Lakers can find a better Caoch to lead them to a better season.


NBA Record Nights Back to Back

On Saturday Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks faced the Charlotte Bobcats. the Knicks started off strong and Carmelo Anthony got hot quick. At the end of the first half he hit a half court buzzer beater to end the first half with 37 points. In the second half Melo was tired but continued to make shot after shot. after the fourth courter Melo had a staggering 58 points but he continued to play. In the fourth he quickly made one more shot but he needed one more shot to break the Knicks all-time record. Its was a struggle but he did make it. Mike Woodson quickly called a time out so Carmelo could bask in the glory of the standing ovation. The next night the Toronto Raptors took on the Los Angeles Clippers. The rising star Terrence Ross was on fire making shot after shot raking up points mostly from the three point line. With about five minutes left in the game he had 48 points. He needed only three points to break the raptors all-time record. His team mates passed him the ball every possession and he was finally fouled taking him to the free through line. He ended up making both free throws putting him at fifty with less than a minute left he was quickly fouled again. At this winning didn’t matter. Getting the record did. He made the first tying the record. He took the next free throw and it bounced out. He didn’t get the record but tied. Still pretty good if you ask me.


WYBA total clutch ending FTW

I play in a rec basketball league aside from school and our first game was this past Sunday. The team we played was really tall as in every last player was taller than me although some by not much. It was a really close game the whole time and it was back and forth bucket after bucket. We played full court press the whole time and forced quite a few turn overs but we still couldn’t get a lead that was enough to put the game away. At the end of the fourth quarter it was tied up which meant over time. It was a nerve racking two minutes. They came down and got two buckets and we only had one which made it 32-30. We got the ball and it was hit out of bounds by the other team. We had two seconds left and we threw the ball to Aaron Steave and he chucked up a prayer three and made it we had won with mili-seconds left. We started our season 1-0. I hope we can keep it up.



Karou is my dog and she sleeps 80% percent of the day. Yeah she’s abnormally lazy but she love to go for walks. When she’s on a walk she is a whole different dog. She sniffs everything. But that dog has a sad story. She came from puppy mill (a place where people breed dogs for money) that was raided by Cocker Spaniel rescue. they then sent her two a foster home. She had three foster homes before they found us. But she is fine now and loving her coach!



The House of Torment

Well I want to go but I haven’t been. The House of Torment is our local “Haunted House” and it’s supposedly like in the top ten in the nation. I went last year with Kyle and Shaan and it was so fun. People have said that this year it’s even better but some said the opposite so I don’t really know what to expect. I hope it’s fun and that I get to go soon.
Comment on your experience if you have been.


The Locker Room

Good Lord it stinks in there yet it’s still one of my favorite places. Even though I always feel out of place since I don’t play football being in the locker room is still for some weird reason really fun! I share a locker with George and man can he open that locker fast. It takes like half the time for him then it does for me to open it. Also the showers feel really dogwood after running on the track sand lifting weights. The only thing do not like is that it’s so darn crowded.

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