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NBA News

After racist reamrks caught on tape Los Angeles Clippders owner Donald Sterling has been banned for life from all NBA activities, been fined 2.5 million dollars, and will be forced to sell the team. Adam Silver made the decision before players had the chance to begin boycotting which they said they where about to do. Teams had been taking off warm up jackets in unison at half court and wearing there worm up shirts inside out in protest against these racist remarks.

Head Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers Mike D’Antoni’s contract had not been renewed and because of strong dislike he resigned from his job as Head Couch of the Lakers. Lets hope the Lakers can find a better Caoch to lead them to a better season.


NBA All-Star Weekend

This weekend is the NBA All-Star weekend. For those of you that don’t know what it is it’s a brake about two thirds of the way through the NBA season where all of the players get a break. There are also festivities like the dunk contest and the all star game with all the best players in one game. Tonight is the all star game. I’m supper excited because last nights events were pretty awesome.


Bye David Stern Hello Adam Silver

NBA commissioner David Stern stepped down yesterday after thirty years in office. Adam Silver will take over as the fifth NBA commissioner. But David Stern memory will not be forgotten. Although David stern did much for the league like adding seven teams to the league he also is said to have not done all that he could have to make the NBA the best it could be. Most believe that with a new commissioner brings new possibility’s which hopefully includes less sleeved jerseys. Seriously the All-Star jerseys look more like regular t-shirts!!!


Basketball total clutch ending act 2: Much Much 3pt FTW

The 7th grade B basketball team beat Hudson Bend 33-31. The amazing game of much much with a three pointer in the closing minutes closed the game for a tough victory. We fought hard the entire game (I didn’t do to much only a few buckets) with contribution one way or another from every player on the team. The hustle was better tonight than some of the other games which made up for some sloppy turn overs but over all great game guys let’s get me again in January. GO WILDCATS!!!

P.S. Much Much is clutch much. THREEEEEEEEEEEEE.


WYBA total clutch ending FTW

I play in a rec basketball league aside from school and our first game was this past Sunday. The team we played was really tall as in every last player was taller than me although some by not much. It was a really close game the whole time and it was back and forth bucket after bucket. We played full court press the whole time and forced quite a few turn overs but we still couldn’t get a lead that was enough to put the game away. At the end of the fourth quarter it was tied up which meant over time. It was a nerve racking two minutes. They came down and got two buckets and we only had one which made it 32-30. We got the ball and it was hit out of bounds by the other team. We had two seconds left and we threw the ball to Aaron Steave and he chucked up a prayer three and made it we had won with mili-seconds left. We started our season 1-0. I hope we can keep it up.


A Basketball Life

In the heat of the game on the court,
Near the three point line towards the bucket,
Between the defenders among the paint,
Beneath the basket before the shot,
Accepting the pass from across the court,
Considering his options according to the distance,
About to dunk over the defender,
And he misses

By Alan and Andrew

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