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Another Westlake Football Update!

Necklace made from Recycled Aluminum Soda Can ~ 2 of 2 photos
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Mary Anne Enriquez via Compfight

Another Westlake home game tonight. They will play A&M Consolidated! Lets hope they get the win for the 2-1 record and stay undefeated at home!
Hope to see you at the game, The Bus Driver


Hey Hey Hey!!!

This is my first post. Today is the first Westlake football game at home. I will be in the pit. If you don’t know what the pit is I am about to explain it but if you don’t go to West Ridge Middle School of Hill Country Middle  School it’s only for students at these two schools. So the pit is behind the end zone and is really just for socializing. So if you don’t go to school here just go to the stands. I’m really exited about it though. Westlake is playing Temple. I hope they win.

Yours Truly, The Bus Driver


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