NBA Record Nights Back to Back

On Saturday Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks faced the Charlotte Bobcats. the Knicks started off strong and Carmelo Anthony got hot quick. At the end of the first half he hit a half court buzzer beater to end the first half with 37 points. In the second half Melo was tired but continued to make shot after shot. after the fourth courter Melo had a staggering 58 points but he continued to play. In the fourth he quickly made one more shot but he needed one more shot to break the Knicks all-time record. Its was a struggle but he did make it. Mike Woodson quickly called a time out so Carmelo could bask in the glory of the standing ovation. The next night the Toronto Raptors took on the Los Angeles Clippers. The rising star Terrence Ross was on fire making shot after shot raking up points mostly from the three point line. With about five minutes left in the game he had 48 points. He needed only three points to break the raptors all-time record. His team mates passed him the ball every possession and he was finally fouled taking him to the free through line. He ended up making both free throws putting him at fifty with less than a minute left he was quickly fouled again. At this winning didn’t matter. Getting the record did. He made the first tying the record. He took the next free throw and it bounced out. He didn’t get the record but tied. Still pretty good if you ask me.