WYBA total clutch ending FTW

I play in a rec basketball league aside from school and our first game was this past Sunday. The team we played was really tall as in every last player was taller than me although some by not much. It was a really close game the whole time and it was back and forth bucket after bucket. We played full court press the whole time and forced quite a few turn overs but we still couldn’t get a lead that was enough to put the game away. At the end of the fourth quarter it was tied up which meant over time. It was a nerve racking two minutes. They came down and got two buckets and we only had one which made it 32-30. We got the ball and it was hit out of bounds by the other team. We had two seconds left and we threw the ball to Aaron Steave and he chucked up a prayer three and made it we had won with mili-seconds left. We started our season 1-0. I hope we can keep it up.