I Am From

I Am From

I am from my iPhone and from Nike and Under Amour

I am from the stairs up the hill and the low doorways that are easy to touch

I am from dying grass and the 300 year old tree whose branches grow never ending

I am from burgers on the weekend and walking the dog

I am from Floopy and Buster

I  am from hitting 3s and getting buckets 

I am from watching sports

I am from do un to others just as you would you would have them do un to you and don’t reach young blood

I am from eating with family

I am from San Jose and more specifically MERICA (yes its supposed to be spelled that way)

I am from mac and cheese and potato salad

I am from my dad ripping out toenails and the intense pain

I am from the pictures on the wall familiar or not

I am from the small paintings on the wall that to be honest mean nothing to me

I am from all of these things whether I like it or not some may be dull but they are a part of me none the less